In Scriv, a bot is a user-facing chatbot. You can have as many bots in your project as you want. Each bot is configured with one or more knowledge sources.

Bot Settings#

In addition to the list of knowledge sources, there are several other settings on bots that affect how they work. Here are some of the important ones:




Is Default?


Whether the bot is the default for your project or not. The default bot is used in your Slack workspace (if applicable) and if no other bot is specified.

Is Public?


Whether the bot is public or not. Public bots have a publicly-available URL that can be used by anyone with the link. Private bots require users to be logged in to your project.


Single Choice

Which LLM your bot should use. GPT 3.5 is faster and less expensive. GPT4 is slower and more expensive, but provides better answers.

Knowledge Sources

Multiple Choice

The knowledge sources the bot should use when it generates an answer.

Show Source Citations


Whether the bot should link to the sources it used when responding.

Expand Lookups


How many nearby “chunks” to use when generating an answer from a specific knowledge source (see below). The higher this number, the more likely the bot is to provide good answers, but it will be more expensive. Setting this number too high will result in errors.

Additional Instructions


Any additional instructions for your bot. E.g. ‘Respond using markdown.’ or ‘Answer like a pirate.’